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What Does a CRM Consultant Do? Role, Responsibilities & Top CRM Consultants in Australia

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October 26, 2023

What is a CRM Consultant?

A CRM consultant is an external CRM manager for companies. They show the company how to use a CRM effectively and implement it too. CRM software is a 360 tool that helps businesses track and manage their customer interactions, including sales leads, customer support tickets, and marketing campaigns. The consultant makes sure the company knows how to use this tool so they can do a really good job with their customers!

CRM consultant is very important for companies to grow. They help the company choose the best CRM tool to manage their prospects, leads, and customers. They also help make the tool work just right for the company and train different users about how to use it well for their particular job to be done. With growing knowledge about the company’s business processes and systems, consultants also help the company make plans to do even better with their customers!

Role and Responsibilities of a CRM Consultant

The roles and responsibilities of a consultant may vary based on the size and industry of the business, the type and scope of work, and many more factors. However, some of the common responsibilities of a consultant are: 

  • Understanding business requirements:
    A CRM consultant is the most curious employee of the business. They interact with different stakeholders at different levels in the company to learn about how they take care of their customers. They want to know how things are done, what the company wants to achieve, and how much money they have to spend on systems to reach their business goals. 
  • Recommendation and Implementation of CRM:
    Now, once a CRM consultant understands what the business does, and is looking to do in the future, they hunt a CRM that can fully suffice the business requirements. They help choose the best one that fits the business. They ensure it’s cost-effective, easy to use and fully solves the purpose. Then, they help set it up and make it work for the business. It’s a bit like when you get a new toy and someone helps you put it together so you can play with it!
  • CRM Customization:
    Once the consultant has advised you to choose the right CRM, they help customize it even better! They change it to fit exactly what the business needs. It’s like when you have a toy and you can change its parts to make it cooler or work better. They make sure the CRM keeps track of the important things and automates whatever is required to make it work like magic!
  • CRM training and adoption:
    Now, the CRM is customized and ready to use. They show the users of the tool how to use it so they can do their jobs even better. They teach them how to put in information, create and update records, and which fields need to be updated at which stage, the importance of each field, and so on. It’s like when your teacher shows you how to write and draw neatly in your notebook!
  • Ongoing training and support:
    A good CRM consultant will never leave you in the dark. Instead, they will stay around to help if anything goes wrong or if the users have questions. They can also teach the users about new features and how they can benefit them individually and on an organizational level. It is similar to when someone shows you how to use a new game you just got! They’re like a friend who’s always there to help.

There are a number of CRM consultants in Australia, each bringing their unique skills to help businesses scale. Now, we will discuss some of the top CRM consultants in Australia.

  • Mint Consulting Australia:
    Mint Consulting is a Salesforce Gold Partner and one of the most trusted CRM consultants in Australia. They have a deep understanding of Salesforce and a proven track record of success in helping businesses implement and use the platform effectively.
  • Hype & Dexter:
    Hype & Dexter is a digital transformation consultancy that specializes in marketing automation and lead generation. They can help you implement and integrate a CRM system with your other marketing tools to create a seamless customer experience.
  • Salted Stone:
    Salted Stone is a global digital marketing, web design, and HubSpot agency with offices in Sydney, Australia. They are a Platinum HubSpot Partner and one of the leading CRM consultancies in the country.
  • Brand Chemistry:
    Brand Chemistry is a HubSpot Platinum Certified Agency Partner and CRM agency in Australia. They specialize in helping B2B businesses implement and use HubSpot to attract, engage, and convert more leads.
  • Neighbourhood:
    Neighbourhood is a HubSpot Gold Partner and CRM agency in Australia. They specialize in helping businesses of all sizes implement and use HubSpot effectively. They are known for their customer-centric approach and their ability to deliver results.


In this fast-paced environment of new CRM consultants joining the competition, these consultants stand out for their unique approach to implementing and scaling CRM for your business. 

Whether it’s through innovative technological solutions, personalized strategies, or ongoing support, each of these top CRM consultants brings something special to the table.

When considering a CRM consultant for your business, it’s important to look beyond the surface and find a partner who understands your specific needs and values. These consultants have proven track records of not only implementing CRM solutions but also fostering meaningful, long-lasting relationships with their clients.

Investing in the right CRM consultant Australia can be the key strategy for transformative change within your organization, progressing you towards sustainable growth and success. So, take the dive, and let one of these top CRM consultants in Australia guide you toward a future of exceptional customer relations. Your business and your customers will thank you.

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