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Unleashing the Latest HubSpot Product Updates from INBOUND 2023 – Discover Your One

Feasible Feats

October 17, 2023

A HubSpot implementation plus consultation service always focuses on helping businesses to reach their goals with personalised sales and marketing strategies based on their business necessities and goals. These consultation services also make sure that businesses can deliver personalised services and satisfied experiences to their customers. Though, expanding a business has not ever been easy until and unless it has the right sales and marketing plans to execute, and cater to its customers’ demands successfully. The way customers behave has changed a lot. It’s now tough for businesses to stay connected with people interested in what they offer. 

But, once you hire one of the best HubSpot consulting companiesFeasible Feats, you can make a difference in your business. Not only will your business grow with prospects and opportunities but also it will experience improved sales and marketing efficiency and speed to customer service delivery with the help of AI. So, today we will discuss the latest HubSpot product updates from INBOUND 2023 and their benefits for businesses to evaluate the marketing and sales system.

Implementing Updated HubSpot Products from INBOUND 2023

INBOUND 2023 was a great success and ended up with a set of inspiring motivations for businesses that are struggling hard to benefit customers’ needs and the growing demands of marketplaces. Let us have a look at the products aligned with HubSpot’s Sales Hub and discover how these products can help your business grow.

Multiple SMS Messaging at Once:

Leverage and utilise the cohesive HubSpot data with messages and deliver fully personalized notifications, latest offers, and product updates to segmented customers and experience more drive-in traffic and actions. 

Create Blog Content Through AI:

Revolutionise your content creation with AI-powered blog writing. Experience seamless, engaging, and high-quality posts generated through cutting-edge technology. Elevate your blog presence effortlessly.

Use Other AI Tools for Multitasking Jobs:

You can also have a variety of AI tools to produce reports, social copies, Ad copies, landing page copies, webpage development, and more. Once you implement the new AI tools to your existing HubSpot marketing suite by a HubSpot expert consultant. 

Stripe Payment Integration:

You can receive payment to your existing Stripe account without juggling between HubSpot and Stripe accounts. 

Deal Tags:

Create new coloured deal tags and make it easier for sales representatives to identify the deals to prioritise. 

These updates we’ve highlighted are just a glimpse into the exciting changes unveiled at INBOUND 2023. Can’t wait to explore more incredible updates for HubSpot products!

    • A/B testing in sequences
    • Booking meetings on behalf of another team member
    • Leads and sales reporting,
    • Sales prospecting workspaceand lots more in the row

Most of the updates are designed to benefit existing HubSpot tools like Sales Enterprise, Marketing tool, Marketing Pro and Enterprise, and so on. A few updates from INBOUND 2023 get fitted for all types of HubSpot tools already in use by countless businesses across the globe. 

Hereafter, if you are excited to learn and discover more HubSpot product updates from INBOUND 2023, don’t hesitate to schedule a discovery session with Feasible Feats, one of the most renowned and trusted HubSpot consulting companies in Australia to date. 

We would love to arrange a HubSpot product discovery session for you. 

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